About me

"My photography is rooted firmly as my passion and obsession and that combined with my Love of Love, anything that sparkles and Happily Ever after stories contributes to a complete Love of doing what I do."

Simply put — i love, love

I am a Fine art photographer, with a Masters in fine art gained in 2022 from Grays School of Art. My photography style lies in a photojournalistic approach of visual storytelling. I photograph candid moments throughout the day, as they unfold; the conversations, the events and the emotions and this will seamlessly compliment whimsical bride and groom photography. I also include formal wedding group photography allowing for a montage of styles that capture the day in a visual story timeline.

I am a down to earth girl, with a deep root in photography spanning over 20 years when I was a university newspaper photographer in 2004, my career has spanned from covering sports, music and media events to family portraits and weddings.

My work has appeared in several magazines, and quite frequently in Grampian online.

About my career...

My long lasting obsession with photography, is actually rooted to my dyslexia, I was never interested in literature, just visual images. Having a short term memory meant that I had a need to remember details and I would take photographs of things that other people would think strange. My interests led me at college to following a media pathway, where I studied excessively and found that my dyslexia was not a hinderance to me when the academic work was production based, and so I could create photography and videography that saw me enter Coventry University in 2004 with a Scholarship for excellence.

At University I became friends with a network of media students, all connected to the BBC and I would be hired by the University as their official photographer to cover events and portraits. I also sold my first children's portraits using the university studio facilities at 18 years old, I photographed several calendars and worked on numerous projects during my time at Coventry.

In 2019 I established Annie Rees Photography, I enrolled at Grays School of Art on a Masters of Fine Arts Photography, graduating in December 2022.

You can follow more of my work on my social feeds. If you would like to know more about me and how we can work together then please, feel free to get in touch with me.

I graduated from Grays school of Art with a Masters of Fine Arts Photography in 2022. This photograph is from the opening night of Grays Fine Arts Masters degree show.

My husband and I have been together for nearly 20 years, and we have 3 children together. Olivia 16, Joshua 13 and Chloe who is 8.

I like to exhibit my Norwegian Forest cats throughout the UK. This hobby has led me to photographing cat portraits at cat shows, under the alias Viking Cat UK